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  looking for help creating a website that represents …

Who you are   |  What you do  |  How you serve …  
               and Reflects Your Personality and Style ?          

                            inkblotwebsite  CAN CREATE A GREAT WORDPRESS WEBSITE FOR YOU IF:

You are someone who wants a memorable, individualized website that represents your personality and style.

You are interested in either a one-page website, a few pages or many pages.

You are a budget-minded individual or business interested in competitive pricing.

You like personalized, undivided, one-on-one attention.

You want the option of ongoing website support and help with updates.

You want to learn some WORDPRESS skills in order to update and make simple [ or not so simple ] changes to your site yourself.


When I built my own 1st website, it was so satisfying I didn’t want to stop, so i didn’t; I started building them for my friends and family. I mainly do it for the fun and creative pleasure. Really.


I work with and for you to design clean, simple, functional and attractive webpages and websites.
I design and build based on your personal style, tastes and uniquness.  
I can help you balance and blend ideas, images, colours, shapes, textures, words and fonts to make your website the perfect reflection of you. 
I have excellent communication skills to help you with ideas, structure, layouts, writing and editing.
I work with the WORDPRESS platform. I’m experienced working with Free themes which helps keep your c
osts down.
   // Premium Themes allow more creative options and come in all price ranges //

some sites I have worked on...


Your Organization’s “OneStop Source” for unique Canadian Fundraising products!

| helping you live your life on your terms |                                                   


The Lighter Side of Therapy 
// humour, silliness and maybe 
some food for thought…maybe | Blog |    





  Marie Nickle & Co. Law  

      Mediation ~ Arbitration ~ Training





                                                                                   Psychotherapy | Helping You live Your life on Your terms 




Cost varies.  Every client’s specific needs and preferences vary.
Different creative options and requests require different amounts of research and time commitment. 
A more exact price estimate and budget can be determined by discussing your specific requirements and preferences.
Contact me with any questions and for more info.
I look forward to creative collaborations with you on your new website.



416 966 5100

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